Passion. Creativity. Royalty.

“The purpose of Women’s Ministries is to blend together talents and abilities of all women in the church to minister as unto Christ in prayer, practical ministry, promote spiritual growth, evangelistic outreach, missionary partnerships, and develop gifts and talents…” (  Over 400 websites for Ohio alone glitter cyberspace to reach out to touch the lives of women, yet how many actually live up to their mission?  Better yet, how many are able to sustain in order to promote ongoing service to their intended audiences? How many ideally market their intentions to attract and retain on-going relationships with their chosen audiences?  While pursuing good deeds, many fail in mission because the agency lacks strategic planning, marketing and/or implementation of their programs. That is where Esther’s House Outreach Ministries Inc. (EHOMI) has developed a program set in place to help others reach their ministerial and community outreach agendas.  Our mission is to “Help the Help”.

Since 2011, Esther's House OMI has volunteered its services through charitable endeavors to redefine how people are better served in their communities.  Without compromise EHOMI values the unique and differing ways that leaders seek to serve their charges. The evolution from good ideas to greater impacting service is our reward.

While defining outreach ministries and agendas as a means to extend help or attend to the needs of self and others, initially our charge is to assist to empower those local faith-based communities with tools to attract, retain, and grow their missions and visions within their communities.  As our national economy remains unstable, philanthropic ventures, grants and aid towards human service have become (even more so) highly competitive. Given the proper tools, local faith-based and community outreach programs will not only be able to compete in this volatile market yet will exist to thrive.  It is our claim that Esther’s House Outreach Ministries Inc. (EHOMI) is purposed “for a time such as this” (Esther 4: 14).

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