Ministries and Programs in Our Care & Partnerships


  Helping the Help (EST. 2002)

In 2018, EHOMI initiates a strategic agenda to more fully serve those negatively impacted in our neighborhoods through program development and community collaborations specific to the needs of targeted populations.

On The Rise

Tea 4 Two (2018)

Senior Respite program under construction.  Service provided through EHOMI.

Joshua’s Army (2018)

Children’s administration under construction.  Service provided through EHOMI.


Potter’s House East- Reach Week (2018)

Project Leader- Damaris Oldfield

GNOS -Girls’ Night-Out Slumber Party (2010 to 2013)

Director: Phillipa Singleton-Jackson M. ED, Founding President & Director Mission:  Empowering Girls and Young Women for the Future NOW!

Women’s Work as a Ministry:  Columbus Ohio’s Women’s Day of Prayer

Director:  Fran Frasier, Founder & Spiritual Director

Mission:  Sharing the Light through Prayer & Ministry

J. Ashburn Jr. Youth Center (2011-12)

Mission:  Placing the YOU in Youth Center